Thursday, April 13, 2006

When Now becomes History

As I write this I am watching the 25 foot bronze statue of Sadam Hussein being pulled off his podium, bowing to the Iraqi people and American GI’s, and finally falling to be crushed by the jubilant people. Now has just become history.

I am starting to age myself but there were other items in my lifetime where I witness now becoming history:
- In the 2000’s the 9/11 attack and Afghanistan response
- In the 1990’s computer geeks becoming billionaires only to lose it just as quickly
- In the 1990’s Gulf war Iraqi’s surrendering to the press trying to take pictures of them
- In the 1980’s the Berlin wall falling and the fall of the USSR
- In the 1980’s Reagan being shot
- In the 1970’s the Watergate scandal
- In the 1970’s the Vietnam war ending
- In the 1960’s the assassinations of John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King
- In the 1960’s the Antiwar protests, the Discrimination protests, the Gender Protests
- In the 1960’s the first walk on the moon

And much more that my grandchildren will be reading about and having tests on in History class. When now becomes history.

My wife signifies events in her life with rocks. We have rocks from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica where we did service projects. We have rocks from our previous homes, we have rocks from youth group camping trips and retreats, and we have rocks with people’s names written on them from other events. Others use pictures … my wife uses rocks. In Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions rocks of remembrance play a significant role. When the Jews crossed the Jordan River they piled up rocks to remember the event on the shore so that whenever their grandchildren asked why these rocks were there they could share the history. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is of religious importance to Muslims all around the world as a place of remembrance.

As we sit back in our comfortable chairs with our remote controls switching the channels on history I wonder if it’s time to set up a rock of remembrance. Let me encourage you right now to sit down with your grandparents, parents, or kids with a photo album and work on the now with your family BEFORE it becomes history.

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