Wednesday, April 19, 2006


An amazing liquid is blood. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients like a grey hound bus to your body, deposits it and heads back to the heart loaded with so much garbage to be filtered and sent packing. Blood gathers together to form a wall preventing itself from draining out of your body and begins the healing process.

Blood is a name for family. Blood is a vital part of many religious services. Blood is evidence. But blood also carries alcohol and drugs. Blood gets thinned, gets tainted, and gets deadly with diseases and viruses.

An amazing liquid is blood. There are doctors who specialize in it. Specialists who doctor in it, nurses who draw it, drawers full of it and horror stories flooded with it.

Leeches were once on the cusp of modern medicine because they drew blood, all of us would be in line for a good bleeding once a year or so to keep us healthy. Someday soon “opening up” a person for surgery will be primitive and donating blood will be leech-like.

Fearfully and wonderfully put together is blood. But also is an amazing thing that blood feeds our brains so we can think up these modern ways of using (or not using) blood to heal and protect.

Next time you give blood, next time you bleed think of how amazing that liquid is. Think of how wonderfully put together we are and finally say a little prayer of thanks for the creative ability injected into us by our maker.

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