Friday, April 07, 2006

Follow Me

Las Vegas is known for some unusual and suggestive billboards. Most of them are now advertising for the local nightclub hotspot. Each trying to be a hotter spot than the next so they become more and more suggestive. Catchy phrases like “Bottoms Up” and “Buck Wild” have taken on whole new meanings due to the risqué pictures attached to them. The city and county have tried to pass ordinances against them when they get really carried away but by that time the word is out and the ad is no longer needed.

Cab companies have found a way to capitalize on this ad war by selling space in and out of their cab. Ad space is available on the truck of the car, the hood between the lights, the roof, the doors and some will even drag trailers covered with ads behind them to handle the luggage. Some cabs are vans simply because they have more real estate to sell.

This week I drove down the expressway that parallels “the strip” when I had a cab pull in front of me. The placard ad on the back was advertising a new club called “SIN”. How about that for a nightclub name? Sin, actually the ad showed a VERY enticing young lady with her finger beckoning me to follow her and it said, “Follow me to SIN.”

In most other cities that would seem strange I think. But it was as natural as sunshine and I am sure the cab driver was not at all embarrassed by it. Follow me to sin … sounds like something the devil has been trying to get us to do for a long time and now we are helping. We are advertising it in living color. Now, before you think this column is a rant about how the world is going to pot let me tell you that SIN might not catch on. That SIN might close after just a few weeks due to lack of interest. I read in the paper that TABUE, another night club, was in trouble. Also, SIN is just SIN for one or two nights a week, otherwise it is just a bar.
I guess I would like to see SIN die due to a lack of interest. But we all have to make that choice, don’t we?

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