Monday, April 10, 2006

Small Tangents

I went to a introductory meeting for the Raelians. (For those of you who haven’t kept up with the news, the Raelians claim to have cloned the first human baby. So far that is unsubstantiated and looks like a great PR play for them.) A small group of adults sat in comfortable chairs in the local library meeting room and watched a video on the beginning of life, on the visit of the first aliens and proofs for the landing and influence of aliens, then finally a video on Rael himself. Rael is the founder of the movement who was visited by aliens 20 years ago and changed him from a racecar driver/news reporter into a modern day prophet for the alien movement.

What they (the aliens) told him was that life began on earth when the aliens arrived and saw the planet covered with water and a new volcanic landmass they set to work creating life by genetic engineering. The “formed” animals and plants from the elements found on earth through this engineering. Then their crowning achievement was to form mankind and genetically engineer something new into this human – a consciousness. This is what is called “being made in god’s image.” One of the Hebrew words for “god” is “elohiym” which they translate as “people from the sky.” So we are made in the image of the people from the sky.

What surprised me was the question and answer period after the videos. The representative leading this meeting fielded a lot of questions but the main one dealt with evolution of the species on earth. I found that the Raelians are more conservative than most Christians I know against evolution, calling it a theory that has been disproved over and over again to the point where the only people keeping it going are the ones with a financial stake in promoting it. The key principle of the Raelian theology is love. Basically, we will never see the aliens on a large scale on earth or have the technology to see them in heaven (space) until we eliminate the violence and hatred in the world.

According to the leader of the meeting. The primary source of new converts is Christians because it so closely matches what they have been taught, but they have noticed something wasn’t quite right. The Raelians feel they have the missing key to what Christians have been waiting for to unlock the Bible and the meaning of the universe.

Hmmm …. We never run in the opposite direction of truth, most of the time we veer away from the truth in small tangents.

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