Friday, April 07, 2006

The Time Machine

We all know that time is relative, right. In physics, Einstein’s famous theories told us that time was relative to speed. Lovers will tell us the time stands still when they are together and lasts an eternity when they are not. Funlovers will tell us that time flies when they are having fun and time crawls when at the DMV or church or whatever is NOT fun. As the earth rotates around the sun the morning travels with it, as it tips toward and away from the sun we have daylight savings time and … not. Whatever that means?

I was thrust into a time machine last week when my son called me. My son took off during his Christmas break to Thailand to lead a service project of teens. He left right after Christmas and is there until mid January. On New Years Eve I received a call from him. “Happy New Year Dad!” he exclaimed. “Wait a minute; it’s only New Years Eve, why are you wishing me happy New Year?”

“It’s 2006 here, we are fourteen hours ahead of you and I am calling you from the future!”

Whoa. It took me a few seconds to wrap my mind around that concept. We talked for a while longer and he hung up too soon. Our “time” went too fast. Our time “flew” by. Our time ….

Turns out we are all on a time machine, it is called earth, and it is called life. As we walk into this New Year let us promise each other to “make the most” of our time. Let us not “waste” time or misuse our time. Because our time is really too short for abuse. It is too short for all of us who ride around on this time machine.

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