Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mundane Miracles

Every now and again I am struck by the miracles of life. Many of these miracles you will find in the mundane things. I’ve opined about my fingernails and navel fuzz in the past. One thing that has been on my mind lately is a chair. Chairs. I think we take chairs for granted. Chairs are everywhere and we don’t even notice them until we cannot find them.

The DMV is notoriously short on chairs, so is the doctor’s office and just about any party you’ve ever been to. I am sitting on a chair right now. It is a Herman Miller high back office chair on wheels. I’ve tried other chairs but they don’t seem to “fit” me the way this one does. You sit in 4 – 5 different chairs every day. From your bedroom dressing chair, to your kitchen chair, to your vehicle, to you office chair, break room chair, to your home easy chair. There are thousands of different kinds, shapes and colors of chairs.

I thought I would look up the history of the chair so I went to our modern “know-it-all” the Internet. I could not find a thing about the history of the chair. Every search I tried came up with the “chair” of some college department. So here’s how I think the history of the chair came about.

Adam and Eve were wandering around the garden and life was good. They never got tired of walking and standing because well … they never got tired. Then they disobeyed God and started to get tired. Adam now toiled over the weed infested garden and got tired. A tree fell close to his garden and he laid his newly fashioned hoe up against it and sat down. “Hey!” and an idea was born. His thoughts were interrupted by Eve in yelling about her sore back from her pregnancy. Adam came running. “If I just could quit standing for a while. This baby is killing me!” Adam found two trees down in the perfect position and Eve could recline in comfort. “How’d you find this?” she asked. “I was tired so I just sat down and viola!” Eve replied, “You are such a lazy boy!” and the rest is history.

I thank God for chairs. I thank God for human creativity and ingenuity. Next time you sit down to relax have a little prayer in that sigh of relief.


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