Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I walked out onto my patio last night and flipped the outside light on. Scampering across the concrete, almost too fast to see, were a plethora of cockroaches. Some large, some small, some black, some yellow, some brownish-red, some winged, some even looked like they were smiling at me. They streaked across the floor faster than Neo dodging bullets, and hid again in the dark recesses of the flower bed and cracks in the concrete.

I am often asked why God created cockroaches. And if they were before the Fall or if they were a result of sin and disobedience. Like God said to Adam, “By the sweat of your brow you will tend your crops and you will be plagued by big, ugly, disgusting, multi-legged, smiling creatures.” The fact is … I don’t know. While now they are an ugly nuisance they might have been created to be cute little creatures.

What I find interesting is the fact that people “believe” there must be a purpose to cockroaches. There must be a reason for them to exist. There must be a purpose for why we have mosquitoes, duckbilled platypuses, ostriches, and cockroaches. Why is that interesting? It is interesting because our world claims that all of this came by chance and by millions of accidents billions of years ago. We claim there is no purpose, no intelligence, simply survival and mutation. It is interesting because we claim no God then believe in purpose and design.

So is there a reason for cockroaches? Maybe. Is there a reason for the universe and all that happens therein? Absolutely! Do we completely understand that reasoning? Partially, but not completely.

So next time I walk out onto my patio in see the scampering bugs, I will pause … contemplate our place in the universe and the intelligence in the design … then squash them for the nasty nuisance they are.


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