Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rain on the Roof

It rained this morning. Not just a little sprinkle but a good, hard rain. Our bedroom window borders our back patio with a metal roof and it rained this morning. I love that sound. The driving rain on metal is God’s steady drumbeat on life.

Just when we start to think that we’ve a good beat on life, God takes out his drumsticks and remind us again that he controls the tempo and we are spectators in the concert of nature.

Before I could lay back and enjoy the rain I had to run outside and get my tools back inside left out on a project I was working on. I had to push things out of the rain so they wouldn’t get ruined. I picked up my newspapers, now soaked, and went back inside dripping. I could almost see others upset that they had just washed their cars and now had to do it again. Others had plans of golf ruined, soccer matches cancelled, painting projects put on hold, and a Saturday in the sun postponed. Just when we think we’ve got our beat going in life, God takes out his drumsticks ….

I tried to read my papers this morning but I couldn’t … the beat brought back memories. Memories of being inside our metal roofed, large storage shed on the farm, playing basketball on a nine-foot rim. Memories of picking up eggs in the metal roofed chicken coop where even the chickens seemed to listen to the drumbeat.

It rained this morning and all I could do was go back to my warm bed, snuggle up to my sleeping wife and smile while listening to God’s drumbeat on life.

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