Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rearrange the Tiles

I am a Scrabble fan. I love the game and I thought I was pretty good at it… I thought I was. I have a computer scrabble game that I can play when I want against others online or against the computer. I have no one to play online right now so I have been playing against the computer. There are six levels of skill in the game. Being the expert Scrabble waif I am I thought I would try the #5 “Expert” level. I didn’t think I was quite up to “Champion” level yet but maybe after a few games. Well, the “Expert” computer partner kicked my sorry, human backside by about 500 points. (86 to 567) So I backed up to the “Advanced” level and promptly got laughed at, again, by my computer. (156 to 432). Surely I could handle the “Intermediate” level but I still got beat. So I backed up again to the “Novice” level and found myself leading for a while but beat in the last few rounds. All that was left was the “Word Wimp” level and I was determined not to sink into that vocabularic toddlerdom (are those words?). So I buckled down and worked at that “Novice” level till I got to the point where I could win using my mind, a dictionary and the suggestion option on the game (in other words … I cheated). I would come up with a word for a respectable 21 points and then look at the computer’s suggestion and find that I could simply rearrange the same letter tiles and come up with a word for 46 points. Same tiles – different results.

We are now facing another year. 2006 is a year already filled up with threats of war, financial uncertainty and a heavy dose of the unknown. But, if you think back a minute, so was 2005, and 2004, and so on. Each year you are given the same tiles, a pile of letters for you to form into your own personal history book.

The question to ask yourself is this: Do you need to rearrange your tiles? Are you happy with the words you put together last year? Is it time for you to trade in some tiles for new ones? Do you need to spend a little more time in your dictionary, get a little larger vocabulary for you to play your tiles better this time? Take a look at the tiles you’ve been dealt. I hope this year you will be able to put a quartz on a triple word score.

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