Tuesday, April 25, 2006


There … did I get your attention? Why does that little three letter word fill our minds with all sorts of good and bad images? Sex.

What is it? Now wait … I am not talking about the act itself, I’m talking about your characterization of it. Is sex a privilege? Is sex a right for all humans? Is sex simply a biological act? Is sex surface, feel good activity? Is sex a deep, heart felt action? What is sex?

As I write this Canada has just approved the first license for a gay couple to get married. Is this simply an effort to legitimize sex? Is this a long overdue step into the 21st Century?

I am asked, as a Pastor, to do “commitment” ceremonies between gay and lesbian couples as well as heterosexual couples wishing to do without the legal document for one reason or another.

Sex ruins lives and fulfills them. Sex consummates peasants and brings down presidents. Sex drives the pharmaceutical industry and the advertising industry. Sex sells cars, bars and jars of lotions. Sex.

There are only two ways to look at sex. The first way is through biological eyes. These eyes see sex as simply an act for pleasure between two consenting adults. It gives you pleasure and when no one is hurt then it must be good. Therefore there is no difference between homo’ and hetero’ sex. There is no difference between married and single. The second way to look at sex is through biblical eyes. These eyes see sex NOT as something evil, but as something amazing, beautiful and special. Something that is so special and powerful that it can ONLY be contained in a committed marriage relationship. That is the only structure that can control the power of sex. In fact, the Bible calls that flesh-bond (sex) stronger than any family bond you may have. So the person(s) you have had sex with are now closer than your parents and siblings. A VERY strong bond!

So how would you characterize sex: biologically or biblically? These are really the only two ways. All of your actions are determined by these views. What you watch on TV, what you do in private, where you go, who you see, what you sacrifice; all are determined by your view of sex.


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