Monday, July 17, 2006

Life in a Fishbowl

I moved my fishtank from one side of the room to the other. The fish in the tank were shaken and stirred. The stones moved and the plants were uprooted; it was a disaster. When I finally had the tank settled in place I could stop and look at the damage. All the rubble was beginning to settle and the water began to clear again. The next day I found some of the fish could not handle the crisis and were now floating on top. I sat down and watched the ensuing activity in the fishbowl.

The leaders of all the fish countries assessed the damage and began to send fish crisis workers to the damaged areas. The food and water was polluted so many concerned fish donated some of their clean water and food to those who didn’t have any in their part of the tank. The fish countries with more resources sent equipment to put back in place the rocks and replant the plants, at the same time they set up temporary fish shelters to house the homeless. The fish governments got together at the UFN (United Fish Nations) to discuss how they could prevent this kind of damage or at least prepare for this kind of damage in the future. Millions of Sand Dollars were spent on the relief and rebuilding.

Okay … so that really isn’t what happened. What happed was the fish didn’t even know there were others hurting. The fish could not grasp the concept of a world where there was a disaster. Only I knew the tank was a mess. The dead fish weren’t buried by their comrades and mourned over; they ate them.

When disaster hits like the earthquake and tsunami I am heartened to see that we KNOW about it, that we are CONCERNED about it, and that we DO something about it. That is not a response of a species that is more evolved than fish; it is the response of a being that has had something injected into its very nature. We are infected with love and concern from our Creator. No matter how hard we try to hide this infection it shows itself again and again when other people are hurting. Pray we find no vaccine.

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