Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It Just Feels Wrong

Bank tellers are trained to “feel” counterfeit bills. They do that by handling so much real money that a simple touch of the fake will cause alarms to go off in their minds. Sometimes they won’t even know what is wrong with it but just “know” it is different.

There is a recent scandal at a very well know museum that bought a Greek statue. They did all the research they could possibly do before they spent the millions on it. They had attorneys research the “papers” with the history of ownership of the statue. They had chemists study the marble and even the aging on the marble; they took a core sample by drilling a small hole and testing it; many more tests were done to guarantee the age and composition of the sculpture. When it was done and the purchase was to be made an artist/historian who specializes in Greek sculptures told them not to buy it. He could not say why, but “it just feels wrong.” Going with their scientists and lawyers instead of the artists the museum bought it. More and more artists who saw it were repulsed by it but could not explain why. Finally it was sent to Greece to have it looked at by the experts there. It was determined to be a fake by every artist and historian who looked at it. The lawyers and scientists were wrong. While chemically it was authentic, artistically it was a fake; it just didn’t “feel” right.

Have you ever met a person who didn’t “feel” right; a person who gave you a creepy feeling? Have you ever met someone who you wanted to be around just because it “felt” right; a person who makes you feel good, appreciated, or comforted? We all have those curb feelers that warn us of impending danger or tell us we’re in safe territory. Scientists are looking at chemical reactions in your mind and nervous system. Psychologists are looking at prejudices and genetic predispositions. Eastern mystics would say you met them in a previous life. But all of that just “feels” wrong to me. It feels fake, forced and thin. What feels right is that we are more than our emotions, genes, and physiology; we are spiritual beings. We have that part in us, called God’s image, which separates us from all other creatures and makes us special and unique. We are all brothers and sisters, twins in fact, that hurt when others hurt, laugh when others laugh, and that just “feels” right.


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