Monday, July 17, 2006


We hear so much lately about the spread of democracy throughout the world. It is the chance for people to vote for people who will represent them in the decisions that will impact their lives. Good, no? This really is a misnomer, however; the USA does not have a democracy: everybody votes; the USA is a Republic: a representative government. In other words, we vote for the people who vote for us. For us to have a democracy we would have to each get on our computer every morning and vote for all the issues impacting us in the government. Our “forefathers” didn’t want that for fear of mob rule where emotions dictate regulations. Although I do believe we should probably vote on April 16 rather than in November, I think we would vote differently.

Sometimes it seems we have a Plutocracy (no that doesn’t mean we are run by a bunch of cartoon characters) which is a government run by the wealthy. We could have a Monarchy run by a king or queen. Some believe we have an Oligarchy run by powerful families or a Corporatocracy run by corporations. We could have a Despotic Government run by a tyrant or a Kleptocracy run by the most powerful force who can take what they want.

Many people believe that God said in the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt have a democracy.” Even though much of the Bible was during and after the Greek civilization who invented the word, if not the system; the Bible is silent on that form of government. So what form of government is the ONLY form sanctioned in the Bible? Theocracy: a government with God as the president, king, or prime minister. Sounds impossible? Actually, I believe it is the only way AND it is the only way these other forms would work because God rules our nations by ruling our hearts. If God is on the throne room of our hearts then it won’t matter what form of government you have. A democracy would have everybody voting with God’s plan for people in mind. A republic would represent the people’s best interests because of God’s heart in the representatives. A monarchy would be benevolent. A Plutocracy would be generous. Corporatocracy would be responsible and there would be no such thing as a Kleptocracy or Despotism.

We think too macro with our theocracy. It is time to think micro-theocracy and change our government one changed heart at a time – your heart, and mine.

I wonder, sometimes, about the life of my great-grandfather as I look into his face. I see the slightest hint of a smile along with his intense eyes and graying hair. His left arm is using the table as an arm rest and his left hand reminds me of my own father’s and mine with thick “farmer” fingers. What is most telling is his right hand which rests on his knee but it held lightly by his youngest daughter standing next to him. Dina looks about 9 or 10 years-old and is nestled into her father’s shoulder and is gently holding on to his forefinger with her small hand.

He died in 1904; my father was born in 1921 so he didn’t have a chance to know his grandfather. Yet, as I look into the picture I see my family. My young grandfather in the picture looks strikingly like one of my brothers at that age. I see the same V-shape in the foreheads of my nephews as their hair is close to shaved off. I see the image of my fathers passed from generation to generation, we are connected by blood and by spirit, and we are family.

That image is a powerful thing, but we all have it, we are all family in our Father’s image.

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