Monday, July 17, 2006

Flush it down

At the risk of sounding a little gross this week I present to you a column entitled “Flush it down.”

Our toilet broke last week. The valve on the inside would no longer shut off. It didn’t matter how high the float got it simply didn’t turn off the flow of water to the bowl. So it is not like it wouldn’t flush … it wouldn’t STOP flushing. I had to turn off the water at the valve at the wall.

So here I am trying to fit my big Indiana, corn-fed, farm boy, overweight body in between the toilet bowl and the bathtub so I can get at the plastic nuts under the tank and replace the column valve on the inside. As I am contorted like some Circ’ de Soule’ acrobat trying to get at it, my mind takes me down some rabbit trails:

“I wonder who invented this toilet thing? I am sure glad that we have this thing, I think dad used to have to use an outhouse most of his early years. I hope I don’t break the water lead going into the toilet I would hate to have to make another run to Home Depot. Boy it is dirty under here! Man, am I glad we got this thing just to flush away all the `stuff’ in life!”

Then it hit me. We do have a way to flush away all the “stuff” in life. Throughout our life we have a buildup of “stuff” in our lives. Stuff that comes from others like abuse, nasty words, and painful memories. Stuff that comes from our own actions like habits, pain we’ve caused others, and ruined relationships. All this “stuff” builds up and compacts into those areas of our minds that we keep trying to push back and hide and ignore. They cause pain, cramps and other physical and mental problems but we can flush them down. This chrome handle is called FORGIVENESS!

You can flush out all of that “stuff” by forgiving others who have hurt you in the past. They may not care, they may not know, but you will; if you forgive them you will feel the fresh water flow through your heart and mind as the “stuff” gets flushed away. Sometimes you need to forgive yourself, others have long forgotten and forgiven, but you hang onto it. Flush it down. Get rid of all that “stuff” that has built up in your life, flush it down, forgive and feel the freshness.

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