Monday, March 27, 2006

One Small Window

Life whizzes by. It is like you are in a time machine from the movie and every time you glance in one direction and then the other – the scene is totally different. It all looks sort of familiar but … not quite recognizable. The same thing happened this week when I saw a niece of mine that I haven’t seen for years and in those years she grew from a precocious preteen to a young woman. I wonder what happened during all those years the blurred by.

Fitzgerald in his book “The Great Gatsby” says, “Life is better looked at through a single window.” I think that means when we have a singular focus on things we really see them. Choice has tendency to decrease your vision. There is nothing more frustrating for me than to sit by and watch my son flip through 100 channels on the TV. He stops and pauses for a few seconds on one that catches his interest then moves on.

We are the same way in life. We have so many “channels” to choose from that we loose our focus, we loose our vision, and we never really see anything clearly any more. How hard is it to stop and look a person in the eyes, really look a person in the eyes and see what they are really about? To see what really turns them on or off, to see what makes them tick? Instead we flip from channel to channel with our text messages, email, and cell phones.

Take the time this week to sit down with someone over lunch and focus on them. Look them right in the eyes and figure out what makes them tick. Ask questions, remove distractions, and dig down deep. It will be uncomfortable at first but in the end the effort is worth it. You will find life-long friends you never knew you had, you will find depth you never knew was there, and, if that person is your spouse, you will find a passion you thought was long gone. Take some time to look out that one small window.

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