Friday, March 31, 2006

The Leaf Blower

It is springtime and time to start cleaning up the yard after a winter of avoiding it. Lots of leaves and brush from last fall has accumulated in the corners of walls and trapped in the branches of bushes as if they were playing hide and seek. Leaves pressed so tightly in corners that even after I rake them out their dark mark is left from the months of blocking the sun and holding moisture. Lastly I plug in my leaf-blower and send them scampering in front of me while I herd them into a place to rake them into a garbage bag.

As I send the herd of leaves running a new power emerges. My electric leaf blower is no match for a new Vegas spring wind blowing a front into town. The Vegas wind is coolish as I feel it on my face and I soon find that I lost control of my herd of leaves. They scatter with a new freedom, some airborne and some simply slipping around my defense. I back up to try to gain control of them again and get the majority corralled into one direction and press forward. The pesky Vegas wind takes them again away from me and I beat a retreat, not wanting to lose the battle and refusing to give up my position in the clean yard. I whip my leaf-blower to the right and then to the left, I position myself in front of the herd and fight the leaves back into submission. I get some of them corralled but, again, the wind takes control of them and they sail around me.

I think I have most of them and quickly I bag them but then I turn and see that not only the escapees but new intruders are covering my yard. I have fought against the wind … and lost. I do a 180 and with the Vegas wind at my back it quickly and easily blow the leaves into the opposite corner and gather them up.

Have you ever felt you were fighting against the wind? Have you ever done battle with a little pea-shooter against a bazooka? As brave and challenging as that might be, I have found it to be generally a waste of time and energy. Sometimes you have to do a 180 to get things accomplished and often that means getting yourself or your pride out of the way. And sometimes you just my have to give up and weight for a more favorable wind to do battle.

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