Monday, June 05, 2006

Science Faith

What do you do when science and logic disagree? We are so used to logic and religion or religion and science disagreeing but what happens when logic disagrees with science? Science tells us that if you cut the distance between two lines in half and keep doing that. Keep cutting the distance between two lines in half to an infinity amount of times, the lines will never meet. Science tells us that you can go from an inch apart to a half inch, quarter inch, eighth inch, sixteenth, thirty-second, sixty-fourth, etc. and the two lines will never meet. Logic tells us that this cannot happen, that infinity of halves is impossibility. Logic cannot exist in a system of quantum physics. Logic says if A = B and B = C then A = C. Logic says that if A = B then A m B is false. If A equals B is cannot NOT equal B at the same time. Science now will tell you that A can be both B and non-B at the same time. It goes beyond light as both a ray and a wave. It applies to many equations and is covered in phrases like: dark matter, hidden factors, inherent errors, false integers and unknown equations.

All the math and physics going on at major universities now are delving into areas where logic never dared or could tread. Papers are being written in speculation of things hidden that will someday be revealed as we build bigger and faster computers. Dark matter of amazing power will be revealed when we super collide atoms. Mysteries will be revealed when the patterns of prime numbers found in pi are deciphered and gathered. Megabytes turn into Gigabytes which turn into Terabytes, then to Petabyte, then to Exabyte and beyond.

It is interesting to watch and read about this conversion of science. No longer are we talking about healing the sick with medication and surgery we are talking about altering genes and nanotechnology to heal. To us lay people, science will be a matter of … “I don’t know what it is, but they say it is supposed to work.” I read in a magazine recently that we will soon have genetically enhanced, robotic leaches and parasites that will email us information on how our body is doing and what we should eat in the upcoming meal. We will take it as a matter of … faith?

Hmm… Maybe within the next few years those universities should pull down their “Science and Math Department” signs and put up “Department of Faith and Religion” signs.

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